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With Ten Days to Go Before the Election, Cavuto Has No Time for the Truth

Reported by Melanie - October 27, 2006 -

After spending weeks and weeks telling his audience how great the economy is, Neil Cavuto was obviously caught in a bind today (October 27, 2006). The Dow fell 73.40 points after the Commerce Department released its third quarter report on gross domestic product which showed that third quarter economic growth was the weakest in more than three years. In response, as an article on Fox's own business news website says, stocks fell on "economy worries."

That might be what Fox's website says but that's not what Neil Cavuto said today; no way, not a mere ten days before the mid-term elections. This is what Cavuto said as his show opened with video of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and a chyron that read, Stocks Nuked?:

We're watching very closely this guy half way around the world. Another nuke shocker from Iran. Is that why stocks fell short of making another all-time high today?

Fox cut to the bells and whistles of a FOX NEWS ALERT; it changed the chyron to, "Dow Drops As Reports Say Iran Ramps Up Nuke Program," and Cavuto continued:

This is a FOX NEWS ALERT. Iran may be doing in the Dow or certainly contributing to it. The Dow suffering its first down day this week after four record finishes. This on the same day that Iran shocks the world by expanding its nuclear program and thumbing its nose in the face of global resistance. Take a look across the board and as you can see, down [unintelligible] across the way. Nevertheless, the Nasdaq is still in and around a 5-1/2 year high. The S&P 500 nearing a 6 year high and on track for its best month since December, 2003.

Almost half an hour later, while introducing a roundtable panel to discuss whether "Dems" are "playing fair on the economy," Cavuto touched on the truth, just long enough so as not to be called an outright liar. Here's what he said over a chyron that read, Economic Sides!:

Economy growing by just 1.6% in the third quarter, a slowing that many contributed to housing. Well, regardless, Democrats wasting no time pounding on that report.

And off he went on Democrats.

Comment: "Regardless." So true Neil. With only ten days left until the election, Fox will regard less and less any pesky reality bites that might drag its audience into the real world.