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"Liberal" Fox "Political Analyst" Has No Idea Why Americans are Concerned About the Economy

Reported by Melanie - October 26, 2006 -

Susan Estrich, the campaign manager for Michael Dukakis's l988 presidential campaign and now a college professor and Fox News "political analyst," was a guest on Your World w/Neil Cavuto today (October 26, 2006). Estrich was on to talk about Cavuto's favorite topic of late -- why, oh why, isn't poor George Bush getting credit for the roaring economy?

Cavuto has trumpeted that issue and the economy in recent weeks (it's the media's fault) with the likes of Donald Trump, Jack Welch, Steve Forbes, Mort Zuckerman, and Harvey Pitt. Cavuto's audience has apparently had a hard time relating to billionaire guests (see poll below) telling them that they have more money in their pockets than ever before, so today Cavuto brought on a Democrat, a self-proclaimed liberal Democrat at that, to confirm what they've been saying.

Cavuto began the Estrich segment by showing a graphic of a new (October 24-25) Fox News/Opinion Dynamics poll that asked which issue would most likely determine how someone would vote: Iraq - 31%; the economy - 24%; local - 18%, and, all the same - 24%. Then Cavuto said:

A new Fox News/Opinion Dynamics poll puts the economy at the number two issue for voters but my next guest, a Democrat, thinks the economy's actually doing OK. With us now, Fox News political analyst Susan Estrich.

. . .

Let's talk a little bit first about the economy and whether Democrats can make that an issue in a little more than a week. What do you think?

Estrich, ever the "liberal Democrat," said:

Well, you know the economy better than I do Neil, and I would be stupid, which I'm not, to come on your show and argue with you about the state of the economy. The state of the economy is pretty good. The interesting thing is that George Bush is getting absolutely no political credit for it. I mean here...

Cavuto, interrupting:



Why? Because voters may say it's the number two issue but it's the big number two issue and number one infecting everything is the way and the bad points he's getting on the war are so overwhelming. The Dow numbers you're showing now [up 28.95 points today for a close of 12,163.66], it's really unfair if you're a Republican.

Estrich went on to say that "beyond the beltway" there is a sense of "insecurity,"

...[A]nd the insecurity is fueled by the insecurity about the war and the insecurity about terrorism and the insecurity, frankly, about the President's competence, and that's what the Democrats are feeding on. I mean, there's just no other explanation for why you can have these great economic numbers Neil, and they're really good numbers. I'd be nuts to sit here and argue with you about that, and have a President whose approval ratings are coming in at 37. I mean, that just doesn't square with the numbers.

Comment: Is it any wonder Fox hired Estrich? She's Fox's kind of "liberal Democrat" alright; unable or unwilling to articulate the reasons why average Americans don't believe the economy is "roaring," but fully prepared to claim it's "unfair" Republicans aren't getting credit for that economy, one that is "roaring" for a tiny sliver of those at the top.

Estrich appears on Fox regularly and sides with Republicans regularly.