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Gibson: If Democrats win, Osama bin Laden wins

Reported by Chrish - October 26, 2006 -

John Gibson's My Word segment yesterday 10/24/06 was so outrageous that it prompted a flood of emails, to which he replied in today's My Word. Did he tone it down any, or seek middle ground, or correct any of the gross inaccuracies? Of course not - he dug his heels in and reiterated some of the most inflammatory talking points - if Democrats win, the terrorists win. Period.

Highlights from yesterday's rant (or lowlights, rather):

"The Iraqis who want us out aren't stupid. They read the papers, too, and they know an election is coming and they do not want Bush and his Republicans to win. They (the latter) are the "stay the course" crowd, and staying the course is not what insurgents want in Iraq. Insurgents want America to leave.

If Democrats who hate Bush and hate the war win, the insurgents win.
America will set a date to get out, and jihad will have carried the day.It will mean the Great Satan will have been defeated and another ignominious defeat will have been brought into America's living rooms for all the world to see."

The Iraqis who want us out are not only not stupid, they are not insurgents and they are a large majority. They feel they can better handle their differences with US occupiers (that is how they see our troops) gone. These are not insurgents, a word which Gibson appears to be using to mean "terrorists" - these are citizens - you know, with purple fingers.

And it's not just Democrats and "Bush-haters" who want a change in foreign policy direction, it's a substantial majority of Americans who disapprove of Bush's handling of the war and who think Democrats will do a better job than Republicans have.

Which leads to Gibson's next contention:

"Should Americans hold Bush and the Republicans to account for the conduct of the war? Sure.

But let's not be confused about the reason for the mindless murder and violence in Iraq right now. Sure the Shia want to kill the Sunni and vice versa, and certainly there have been revenge killings galore over there for a few weeks now. But something else is at work here.

People over there have seen the America pre-election debate and they have seen the light at the end of the tunnel. It is the onrushing train of Republican defeat. That is their light and it's getting closer and closer for them everyday.

Two weeks and maybe they will know exactly when the hated Americans are going to leave, to vamoose, to beat feet, to cut and run."

Again, no Democrat at any time has said we should "cut and run" (although Bush HAS, despite claims to the contrary, used the phrase "stay the course.") And Americans want to hold Bush and his party accountable with the tools our Constitution gives us - elections.

So, emailers hammered him over those remarks but he stands by them today, and expounds:

"Democrats like John Kerry and John Murtha want a date to get out, and they are going to be difficult to deny if the Dems win. It isn't going to be reasonable to expect the moderate Dems to hold off the wild-eyed lefties if the wild-eyed lefties are the ones who mobilize the left to get out and vote. They are going to insist on their precious withdrawal date, and they will get it. And the insurgents will have won a great victory."

Again, it is not "wild-eyed lefties" (what a frightening image, huh?) who are going to the polls to vote for change, it is 70% of Americans who want a new direction, with more cooperation with the UN and less military force.

To lend legitimacy to his anti-Democrat accusations he cites Michael Scheuer, once the head of the (now disbanded, ahem) bin Laden unit at the CIA and author of "Imperial Hubris," which, by the way, was very critical of the war in Iraq.

He says today, Usama bin Laden is "on the verge of seeing the forces he leads and inspires knock off their third infidel government. Not bad for a guy running rock to rock and cave to cave."

Gibson comments "Usama knocks off governments with the help of voters — in Spain, in Britain, in America — and with the help of the military, in Thailand."

That's open to interpretation. Many many Americans see the rescinding of habeus corpus, warrantless wiretapping of Americans, and sections of the so-called Patriot Act, all at the hands of this administration and Congress and in the name of fighting terror, as the destruction of our democracy from within.

Of course Gibson sees it as an opportunity to portray Democrats, liberals, progressives, and (unwittingly) centrists and moderates and real conservatives, as aligned with the enemy.

"What's so hard to figure out about this? Democrats — OK, correction — leftists want America out of Iraq and so does bin Laden's insurgency. Iraqis may want us to stay to protect them from each other but that is not going to matter to the "let's redeploy now" crowd."

His clumsy attempt to conflate Iraqi insurgents fighting a civil war with bin Laden's followers (i.e. terrorists) is transparent. Any time a Bushie invokes OBL, or UBL in this case, you know the brainwashed make the OBL-9/11-Iraq connections that have been drilled into their brians for 5 years now.

One more time - 70% of Americans want a new direction, and that same percentage of Iraqis want us out of their country within a year - they do not want us to "stay to protect them from each other". They are not aligned with bin Laden or terrorists or insurgents - they are regular Iraqis and they want their country back.

This relentless bashing of Democrats, show after show, day after day - Gibson, O'Reilly, Hannity, Hume, Cavuto, the dopes on the morning shows - how on earth can anyone paying attention not see this as UNfair and UNbalanced right-wing pro-Republican propaganda? Sheesh!