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Carl Cameron gets out negative message in Virginia Senatorial race

Reported by Chrish - October 26, 2006 -

Reporting from Virginia for the Big Story today 10/26/06 Campaign Carl Cameron broadcast a smear put out by the Republican incumbent's campaign against Democratic challenger James "Jim" Webb, and also hinted that "conservative" Virginia voters might want to get out and vote for incumbent Allen to stave off the familiar old boogeyman, same-sex marriage.

Latest polls show the two candidates in a statistical dead heat. Both were stumping for the conservative vote in rural Virgina today.

The State Supreme Court ruling in NJ yesterday that said the state must recognize same-sex unions has the Allen campaign "roiled," and that ruling is said to have a particular impact in VA and seven other states where amendments banning same-sex marriage appear on the ballot. Allen is for the initiative, agreeing that gay marriage should be banned and suggested that Jim Webb is out of touch with Virginia values. Webb, "a self-described Christian," says he personally opposes gay marriage but thinks the ban is going too far and a constitutional amendment is not needed "under these circumstances." CCC thinks the issue resurfacing might motivate Republican voters to the polls and says that's what the Allen campaign is counting on. (Hint, hint.)

Gibson then brings up an issue that Allen is trying to "pin" on Webb, his penning of six novels (between 1978 and 2001) based on his experiences during his military service in Viet Nam. (CCC rushes through the fact that Jim Webb was Secretary of the Navy, a position that may earn him respect if properly respected itself.)

Apparently the Allen campaign is trying to make an issue of Webb's depiction of women in these books, which they charge furthers a pattern of treating women disrespectfully. They are "seiz(ing) on some passages, pretty graphic" and have issued a statement saying "some of the references are simply disturbing and continue to show a pattern of disrespectful treatment of women." Cameron continues with salacious details of the smear, sure to excite and incite the "conservatives" Allen hopes to woo with hints of sex, strippers, and prostitutes.

He did note that the Webb campaign accused the Allen campaign of trying to throw a last-minute wrench into the race. It plays out as Webb on defense against the righteous indignant charges from Allen - more pandering to the regressive right-wing voters. A masterful piece of subtle propagandizing - Cameron is at his best in these situations.