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Ann Coulter calls Missouri "weird," "nutty"

Reported by Chrish - October 26, 2006 -

Appearing on The Big Story today 10/25/06, an apparently sober Ann Coulter was commenting on (among other things) the Senate race in Missouri, where Democrat Claire McCaskill holds a slight lead over incumbent Jim Talent.

Coulter thinks that the Missouri race (and Tennessee and Virginia) are three races that Republicans can win. She can't understand why Talent is even in trouble because she thinks he is a "magnificent" Senatorr. If anyone is in trouble, she says, it should ne be Jim Talent. But, Missouri is a very weird state - half Tennessee, half Massachusetts. They voted for Adlai Stevenson in 1956 (SO WHAT??? 50 years is TWO generations ago!) It's kind of a nutty state - they voted for Clinton twice, but they also voted for John Ashcroft.

(They did for a while, but after Democratic opponent Mel Carnahan was killed in a small plane crash in 2000, the good citizens of Missouri voted for him anyway and the dead man beat incumbent Ashcroft. Unfortunately that left him unemployed and Bush saw fit to make him his Attorney General, and we all know how that worked out.)

Just thought our readers in Missouri might like to know that.

All this attention on MO, VA, and TN - is it a distraction from the real shenanigans, or are they this year's FL and OH?