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Sean Hannity Whines About His Meanie Critics

Reported by Ellen - October 25, 2006 -

Is there ever a night that Hannity doesn’t do his best to bully, distort and demean his political opponents? I have documented repeated instances of Hannity refusing to allow a guest to speak when he disagrees with them or cutting an interview short when he doesn't like what a guest has to say. But “tough guy” Hannity devoted a whole segment on last night’s Hannity & Colmes to whining over the meanie comments posted on CBS.com about his appearance on “Free Speech."

You have to scroll through a lot of positive comments about Hannity, all of which were written before his “poor me” segment on Hannity & Colmes, before you get to the critical ones. But that didn’t help the multi-millionaire hate-merchant avoid having his widdle feewings hurt. For example, “Hawkamerica” posted a comment about two hours before the show that said: “America needs to wake up and shut out the liberal biased media who are only helping to weaken America with there (sic) totally anti-american news coverage. If the media of today had existed back during the founding of this country, THERE WOULD BE NO AMERICA. Hey Katie...take yourself and all your liberal buddies in the news media and move to France. You will be much happier there and America will be all the better.” That didn’t seem to bother Hannity, whose topic on Free Speech was our divided nation.

Instead, Hannity read two critical comments and whined, “This was the left’s reaction… Obviously, the left has learned from their leaders.”

Radio talk show host Neal Boortz joined in the hatefest. “That’s the left… This is the way the left is. They don’t like what you have to say. They don’t have a countering argument, they just attack you, personally.”

“You poor babies,” Ellis Henican, the other guest, said. “Don’t we have something more important to talk about?” He suggested forwarding his email inbox so that they could read some of the mail he gets from the right. (I could, too, I might add.) He invited Hannity to take a tour of right-wing internet sites.

During one of Hannity’s teasers for the segment, a banner read “HATING FREE SPEECH,” ostensibly referring to CBS viewers. But maybe it really referred to Hannity. He said to Henican, “I believe the rhetoric that’s been used by your leaders, the divisive rhetoric used on a regular basis…” Regular readers can guess the rest.

Boortz later admitted he “revels” in the emails and posts them on his website because it means that people are listening and care about what he’s saying.

Alan Colmes said, “We ought to be glad we have a platform where people can hate us.” Colmes continued, “We just heard Dick Cheney, talking to Sean Hannity, bemoaning the idea of this lack of civility and then saying that those who don’t agree with the Administration somehow encourage our adversaries. That’s the kind of rhetoric that I don’t think is helpful to being a united and not a divider.”

Henican added, “Whenever conservatives say we should all get along and end the acrimony, what that really means is we should just agree with the president and everything he wants including (unintelligible), we love the nasty war and the deficit’s terrific. Conservatives’ view of this stuff is liberals ought to be quiet, conservatives ought to get their way and that’s how we’re all going to get along.”