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Republicans Want to Stay The Course When It Comes To Not Including Iraq As The Defining Issue In The 2006 Election

Reported by Donna - October 25, 2006 -

Today on Studio B with Shepard Smith the discussion was once again on the elections that are coming up in less than two weeks and how each side is going to fight to win them.

It was still very clear that the GOP and the president don't want the war in Iraq to be the defining issue.

Smith spoke with Republican strategist, Fox News Contributor, Rich Lowry and Jane Fleming from the Young Democrats.

Before he started the segment Smith said that the president said that this election was more than just a referendum on Iraq. Then Smith showed a video of the president (supposedly answering this question about Iraq) saying that people want the party who has a plan to enable the economy to grow and which party better protects security. (Comment: Notice how he changed what the election is going to be about, he doesn't want it to be about Iraq)

Fleming said that the war in Iraq was a major issue for people voting. She added that people would not trust a party that couldn't even provide Katrina victims with food and water let alone figure out how to deal with the war in Iraq.

Lowry said that Katrina no longer played a part in people's voting. He said that the president was upset with Iraq, too, but he was determined to win.

Smith then turned to Fleming and asked his often repeated Republican point that the Democrats do not have a plan for Iraq. Fleming answered that the Democrats did and that it was to redeploy these troops and go after Osama Bin Laden and make sure the Iraqi troops stand on their own.

Smith said that could be a victory for the terrorists and a loss for the west.

Fleming said that our presence has caused an increase in violence over in Iraq. Lowry interrupted and said that wasn't true. Fleming said it was. Lowry said like it or not Al Qaeda was in Iraq and if we pulled out it would become a Shia dominated, with Iran, dominating the area. (Comment: The reason Al Qaeda is in Iraq is because we invaded and at this point the elected government is Shia dominated)

Fleming said we needed a new direction and Lowery said sarcastically yeah for catastrophe.

Comments: Smith had to bring up the Republican talking point (which he does almost daily) that the Democrats don't have a plan for Iraq when he is given one everytime he asks for one. The Fox Contributor, Lowry interrupting the Democratic guest and was sarcastic, which is par for the course. The president was staying the course talking about the election being about the economy and the security of America. He doesn't want Iraq to be the defining issue in this election.