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O'Reilly Promotes Twisted Republican Attack Of Michael J. Fox

Reported by Deborah - October 25, 2006 -

Michael J Fox has become the whipping boy for the Republicans because he appeared in an ad endorsing Democratic Candidate from Missouri Claire McCaskill and criticized her opponent Jim Talent for his opposition to expanded stem cell research. It seems the angry Republicans think it was unfair for Fox to display any symptoms of Parkinsons claiming he exploited the disease for political gain and made Jim Talent look like a bad person. News Hound Chrish reported that Rush Limbaugh claimed Fox went off his meds on purpose or was acting and last night Sandy Rios, Concerned Women of America, joined O'Reilly to defend Limbaugh and spew some filth of her own . Tonight, O'Reilly went for a fair and balanced approach with Republican strategist, Cheri Jacobus and Democratic strategist, Laura Schwartz. He asked them if it was fair for the ill to accuse opponents of stem cell research of heartlessness. 1025/06

Sandy Rios was all over Michael J Fox trying to make him look like the bad guy hurting poor Jim Talent and she supported Limbaughs claims digging the hole for Republicans deeper.Rios insisted that Fox had said that he always avoids his meds before he makes appearances so his symptoms get worse. Rios insisted that the shaking and jerks seen in the ad are eliminated by meds and Fox was just trying to get sympathy.

In an interview today Michal J Fox just shrugged an said that his symptoms vary from day to day and he never knows. Keith Olbermann reported tonight that in fact the jerks are caused by the meds because Parkinsons causes an inability to move at all in later phases. An article from Web MD claims that Fox was not acting as Limbaugh suggested.

Rios was almost hysterical claiming that stem cell research doesn't work and causes tumors and how could Michael Fox be so mean to Jim Talent for political reasons. Neither Rios or O'Reilly mentioned the ad Fox did endorsing Arlen Spector for his support of biomedical research in 2004.

O'Reilly was clear that Fox had a right to make the ads but didn't criticize Rush Limbaugh or Sandy Rios agreeing with her that Talent shouldn't be made to look bad for his beliefs about stem cell research. After all, O'Reilly couldn't alienate a fellow " culture warrior"

Today there were reports that Limbaugh apologized for his comments but according to Think Progress he did the opposite O'Reilly didn't dwell on Limbaugh's comments tonight when he talked to Jacobus and Schwartz. Schwartz, always slick and calculating, saw the whole thing from a political angle. She asserted all is fair in politics and a personal message is always powerful.

O'Reilly made sure he expressed some humanity saying he wants Fox to be cured but added the talking points about how there is no proof a cure will be found from expanding the stem cell lines. Schwartz reminded him that scientists had confirmed it.

Jacobus said Fox went " too far." Laura Schwartz cut deeply with a harsh political reality. "When politics get in the way, you gotta play politics." A llittle hint of compassion and a defense of Fox would have been welcome from Schwartz.

comments: One more reason to be revolted by Republicans. Michael J Fox and millions of people are suffering. Stem Cell research offers real hope and it is wrong to oppose it to save throw away embryos that could never be viable anyway. It's clear that Jim Talent looks bad for a good reason and it's not Michael J Fox's 30 second spot.