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Neil Cavuto "Hopes to" Start Reporting All That Good News Coming Out of Iraq

Reported by Melanie - October 25, 2006 -

Today (October 25, 2006) on Your World, Neil Cavuto hosted the latest in a long line of segments asking why "the media" (as if he isn't a part of it) refuses to report all the good news coming out of Iraq. Cavuto's guest was radio talk show host Michael Smerconish who just returned from "a Centcom trip," as a Fox chyron said, or from a "military emersion program for civilians," officially known as "the Joint Civilian Orientation Conference," as Smerconish said.

Smerconish said he traveled to Qatar, Bahrain and Kuwait (Iraq was not included) and that "Fox News is everywhere, and that's no accident." He said the troops are counting on Cavuto to report the good news coming out of Iraq:

What they say is not getting out in the media is the fact that there is commerce in great portions of Iraq. That there is cell phone coverage. That there are satellite dishes. That there is entrepreneurial activity. That there are schools that are opening. That there's power that's back on line. That there is oil production that didn't exist in the immediate aftermath of the war and that none of that is showing up anywhere in the media. All that's showing up in the media are dead soldiers and IEDs which I think need to get covered but you've got to present the full picture and that's why I'm telling you I was in the command posts in Qatar last week and at this minute they were watching you, Neil Cavuto, because they're counting on you to tell the full story and they think you'll do so.


Alright. In fact we will hope to do so.

Comment: Why in the world do our troops, or Smerconish, think Cavuto will "tell the full story?" He hasn't done so thus far. As a matter of fact he has behaved just like "the media" he despises.

I sat down this afternoon and reviewed my Cavuto show notes, which go back more than a year. I do have a life outside this blog but I took the time to flip back to mid-July. Cavuto hasn't aired one - not one - good news report from Iraq since at least then. As a matter of fact, the only reports about Iraq I found were:

-August 4, 2006: Report from Fox reporter Greg Burke re pro-Hezbollah rally in Iraq.

-August 28, 2006: Maj. Gen. Bob Scales on "Is Iraq's Military Ready to Go it Alone Against Insurgents?"

-August 28, 2006: Report from Fox News reporter in Iraq: "Iraqi Military Steps Up in Fierce Battle with Al-Sadr."

-September 7, 2006: Report from Fox's David Piper in Baghdad: "Al Qaeda's Leader in Iraq Calls on Muslims to Unite."

-September 7, 2006: Barney Franks (D-MA) was Cavuto's guest. The topic was, "Will a Democratic Congress Cut Off Iraq War Funding?"

September 12, 2006: Dick Durbin (D-IL) was Cavuto's guest. The topic was, "Dems Cry Foul Because of Iraq Mention in 9/11 Speech."

September 12, 2006: Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA) was Cavuto's guest. The topic was, "Iraq Mentioned in 9/11 Speech: Political or Presidential?"

September 25, 2006: Marianne Marsh was Cavuto's guest. The topic was, "Iraq Intel Report: Leaked for Political Gain?"

September 27, 2006: Kay Bailey Hutchinson (R-TX) was Cavuto's guest. The topic was: "Al Qaeda in Iraq Asks for Nuclear Scientists to Join Up."

October 3, 2006: A wounded Iraq war veteran appeared on Cavuto to complain about the lack of benefits for vets. When Cavuto asked what he could do and the vet told him to show more good news about what was going on in Iraq.

October 9, 2006: Radio talk show host Dave Ramsey was Cavuto's guest. The topic was "Ending Predatory Loans that Target our Troops."

I'll keep tabs. We'll see if Cavuto's "hope to do so" results in lots and lots (and LOTS!) of good news reports out of Iraq. Stay tuned.