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Fox's Latest GOP Campaign Contribution: Attacking Nancy Pelosi

Reported by Janie - October 25, 2006 -

With the mid-term elections heating up, and polls indicating the Democrats may gain control of Congress, the Republicans are desperate and have begun a massive smear campaign on the possible new Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi. During "Special Report" last night (10/24), Fox Correspondent Jim Angle filed a report on Pelosi, constructed entirely around negative quotes from Administration officials and without one single Democratic opinion in the entire segment.

Before turning the segment over to Angle, host Brit Hume had his say, "With Democrats doing all they can on the campaign trail to tie candidates to President Bush, Republicans are now doing what they can to tie Democrats to House Minority Leader, Nancy Pelosi. Today, the President took a aim at Pelosi's stand on tax cuts."

Comment: And by filing this segment, Fox is right there on hand to help the GOP in this task.

JA: "President Bush ridiculed Democrats for their views on economic policy, especially tax cuts, which they have predicted would cause nothing but problems, including a jobless recovery."

George Bush (clip): "The Democrats have made a lot of predictions. As a matter of fact, I think they might be measuring the drapes. If they're electoral predictions are as reliable as their economic predictions, Nov. 7th is going to be a good day for Republicans."

Comment: Please visit Blackboxvoting.org. Democracy might depend on it.

JA: "He said tax cuts had helped the American economy grow faster than any other economy in an industrialized nation, as he took aim at Nancy Pelosi, who is hoping to be the next speaker of the House."

GB(clip): "You know, the top Democratic leader in the House made an interesting statement recently. She said, we love tax cuts. Given her record, she must be a secret admirer."

Comment: Notice the use of these "fiery" clips from Bush to rally the faithful. Bush has never spoken so clearly or passionately, except right before an election and Fox is using the best clips they can find to make sure their viewers are impassioned and ready to vote GOP.

JA: "The President also noted that Charles Rangel, who could become the chairman of the committee that handles tax matters has said he doesn't see a single tax cut that should be extended."

GB: "See, they're genetically disposed to raise your taxes."

Comment: Genetic? Sound like an excuse used by another powerful leader? What's next? Sterilization?

JA: "Pelosi was not available to respond,"

Comment: But feel free to smear her anyway.

JA: "...but she appeared last week on 60 Minutes, where she defended referring to Republicans as corrupt and immoral, and saying they ran a criminal enterprise."

Comment: Corrupt? Immoral? Criminal enterprise? Well, if the shoe fits...

NP (clip): "Actually, when I called them those names, I was being gentle. They're much worse things I could have said about them."

JA: "She also described the President as incompetent, and a man with no judgment, but said in so many words all is fair in politics."

Comment: Incompetent? No judgment?

NP (clip): "I know they have to do what they have to do, and they know what I have to do. And what I have to do is make a distinction in the public between the Democrats and the Republicans in order to win."

Comment: Notice how Angle is treating this as though this is not the nature of politics, and Karl Rove does not do 100 times worse than what Angle is implying about Pelosi. Only the Democrats are wrong when they do something, it's always A-OK for the Republicans in Fox's world.

JA: "The top Republican strategist has a different explanation."

Karl Rove: "She sat down with people to figure out how to regain their standing after the political defeat of 2004, and they all said tear down the President, and she literally adopted that as her strategy for the last couple of years."

Comment: No proof is provided for this smear, only Rove's word echoed by Fox.

JA: "Pelosi is cheered by Democratic activists, but oddly enough, also by Vice President Cheney."

Dick Cheney: "Frankly, I think she helps our cause with that kind of talk, but also because of what she believes. Nancy is not in sync with a vast majority of the American people."

JA: "Rove says Pelosi is way out on the left of the Democratic party, and cannot get elected speaker. Some centrist Democrats are know to harbor doubts of their own, so even if the Democratic party were to win back the House, Pelosi could face another tough election – to be the speaker of her party there."

Comment: The segment ended here. As you can see, however; Rove, Bush, and Cheney were all given a voice in this segment, without anyone on the Fox staff questioning what they said. Much of the information Angle presents here is simply the words of these three, packaged up real nice to look like a news story.

There was not one Democratic quote included in this piece, no response from Pelosi - pure right-wing propaganda used to further the GOP agenda in the upcoming election.

In a recent Newsweek poll, only 26% of respondents had an unfavorable opinion of Pelosi, while an equal amount had never heard of her. If these 26% of people are using Fox as their source of information on Pelosi, as Fox intends, Pelosi's approval rating will sink even further - just as the GOP wishes.