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Dick Cheney Talks Tough From Safety Of Softball Interview

Reported by Ellen - October 25, 2006 -

FOX News made it easy for Vice President Dick Cheney to talk tough last night on Hannity & Colmes (10/24/06) during a two-part segment with Sean Hannity that excluded Alan Colmes. I like Colmes but let’s face it, he’s no Helen Thomas. Still, the powers that be, either at FOX News or the White House or both, obviously felt that they couldn’t take a chance with anyone who wouldn’t be as slavishly devoted to their cause as Sean Hannity. The result was more like a Republican infomercial than an interview. Predictably, the main selling point was to smear and demonize Democrats.

Hannity’s face seemed frozen in a perpetual expression of awe and his voice appropriately hushed as he moved from one sympathetic cue to another. He expressed no doubt, probed no further, asked no follow-up questions when Cheney said he thought Republicans would “hold both the House and the Senate.”

Hannity also showed no curiosity when Cheney tried to downplay any connection between any election day losses and disaffection with the Bush Administration. “I think sometimes we overestimate the extent to which these (elections) are national in scope because we try to bring some order and understanding to it… but I don’t think we should underestimate the extent to which a lot of these races will turn on local issues.”

Hannity’s next question, at least in the edited version, was about his current uber-villainess. “Let me ask you some thoughts about Nancy Pelosi…”

Cheney decried Pelosi’s criticisms of the Bush Administration and said, “I think, frankly, she helps our cause with that kind of talk.” Then before the next question, he was slamming Democrats with distortions. “The Democrats in the House overwhelmingly opposed, for example, legislation that authorizes the terror surveillance program that’s let us intercept pending attacks.” Nobody from the “real journalism, fair and balanced” network thought it worth clarifying that it’s not terror surveillance Democrats oppose, it’s the Constitutionally-subverting tactics of the Bush Administration.

Cheney continued with his distortions unimpeded. In the most nauseating statement, he described his Torture, Shred Habeas Corpus And Oh, While We’re At It, Grant Us Amnesty From War Crimes Bill as “a sophisticated interrogation program.” Then he conveniently overlooked the role of a bipartisan group of senators in stopping the renewal of the Patriot Act last year as he complained about Democrats’ attempt to filibuster it. He added, “Nancy (Pelosi) represents what I think is that side of the Democratic party that has not been supportive of and does not believe in a really robust prosecution of the global war on terror.”

The look of awe was still on Hannity’s face as he cued Cheney to step up the attack (from the safety of his armchair). “If the Democrats are in power… is America then less safe?”

Cheney hedged and avoided saying an outright “yes” initially. “The vast majority of Democrats on some of these key issues have voted against the tools that we’ve used to defend the country successfully now since 9/11 against further terrorist attacks.”

So Hannity nudged Cheney again, this time by complaining about the “daily rhetoric on the war” from Democrats. (Obviously, Hannity’s daily rhetoric against Democrats’ doesn’t count.)

This time, Cheney bit. He said the criticism of President Bush “made it very difficult, obviously, to create any kind of sort of bipartisan support.” (Comment: obviously the lack of bi-partisan efforts from the White House doesn’t count.) Cheney added, “When you think about the fact that the basic strategy of Al Qaeda, the terrorist, is to break the will of the American people, they fundamentally believe we don’t have the stomach for the fight. And when we see this kind of conduct during the course of the campaign, that kind of verbiage used, those kinds of, sort of, really bitter, vicious comments made, I think what it does is it encourages our adversaries to believe that they’re correct. It, in effect, validates their strategy and leads them to conclude that if they just keep it up long enough, that we won’t have the stomach for the fight. Eventually we’ll just hang it up and go home.”

Hannity prompted again by saying that it’s “shocking” that “we’re even debating the Patriot Act” or NSA surveillance.

Cheney moved in for the kill, albeit still from the safety of his cushy setting. “I’m sorry that there isn’t more unity, if you will, in the nation in terms of how we address these issues but the threat’s very real, it’s out there and we need to do everything we can to make certain that we aren’t struck again and that requires the kind of bold, aggressive leadership the president’s provided and the great support we’ve had in Congress and unfortunately at this stage there’s some jeopardy depending on how the election comes out as to whether or not we’ll be able to continue those policies.”

The interview ended on that fear-mongering slur.

You can watch the interview on FOXNews.com.