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Smith Asks, "Are Republicans Cut & Running On Stay The Course?"

Reported by Donna - October 24, 2006 -

Today on Studio B with Shepard Smith he spoke with Democratic strategist, Kirsten Powers, and Republican strategist, Karen Hanretty, to talk about what Smith called the Republicans decision to "cut and run on the stay the course" in regards to the war in Iraq.

The Republican strategist tried to distance the Republicans who are running from the president (probably a good strategy) and the Democratic strategist did a good job on telling Smith what the Democratic plan for Iraq was. It was the one that the Republicans are now trying to morph into their own.

Hanretty, the Republican strategist said that the administration was playing a game of semantics with the American people, that it continues to get worse and that there is a vaccum of leadership in the Republican party right now. She said they needed to curtail the bleeding, that the plan wasn't laid out clearly.

Then it was Powers, the Democratic strategist's turn. Smith (as usual) repeated the never ending Republican talking point that he loves to use, that the Democrats "have no plan." Powers corrected him and said that what the Republicans were now saying was what the Democrats plan has been all along. That there should be benchmarks and she said it was important to have an exit strategy.

She also added (importantly) that what the people wanted was some oversight on the president and that is what they would be voting for.

Comment: Hanretty did her best to distance the president from those who are running for office in two weeks. However, Powers also did a good job of having to deal with Republican talking points coming out of Smith's mouth to tell him that all the Republicans were doing was copying what the Democrats have said all along. It was an important point to make, one I've made myself numerous times but noticed that it wasn't being said on tv.

Credit Powers for this and for adding that people wanted some oversight on the president and bringing the president back into the picture when Hanretty was trying to keep him out.