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Hannity Says VP Shrugs & Smiles & Says Pelosi Has San Francisco Values, Not Middle American Values

Reported by Donna - October 24, 2006 -

Today on Fox On Line with Bill Hemmer he had a sneak preview of Sean Hannity's exclusive talk with the Vice President, Dick Cheney. Hannity said that Cheney was confident that the Republicans would win both houses after his extensive campaigning across the country.

Hannity was in true form and gave Hemmer a special Republican based interview.

Hannity said that Cheney said that if you take all of the issues such as taxes, the Patriiot Act, Amnesty, Illegal immigrants, and the comparison of both parties, the vice president thinks the Republicans have the better agenda of the two. (Comment: Notice he did not mention the war in Iraq, but Hemmer got right to it)

Hemmer asked him how the vice president felt about the war in Iraq. Carefully look at Hannity's answer, or should I say, non answer? Hannity said the war in Iraq and the war on terror were defining issues and the vice president, "feels strongly there's got to be a fair comparison and contrasting here." (Comment: I don't know what Hannity said, or what he was even trying to say)

Hannity smugly finished his interview by telling Hemmer that he had given some quotes to Cheney from Nancy Pelosi. He said that Cheney shrugged, and smiled, and said those were San Francisco values not mid America values.

Comment: It was such a ridiculous interview - what was Hannity talking about in his response to Hemmer's question on the war in Iraq? Did his answer even make sense? As for being smug, I don't know who would win the contest, Hannity or Cheney? Once again Cheney is being divisive by putting down Nancy Pelosi and dismissing her words as simply 'San Francisco values, not mid America values.'

What ever happened to compassionate conservatives who wanted inclusion not exclusion?