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Gingrich and O'Reilly rag on (absent) Nancy Pelosi

Reported by Chrish - October 24, 2006 -

Promoting both their new books, Gingrich's Rediscovering God in America and O'Reilly's Book that shall no longer be named because we're sick to death of its fallacious and divisive premise, former Speaker Newt Gingrich and The Factor's Bill O'Reilly yesterday 10/23/06 forecasted gloom and doom for the country if Democrats win back the House November 7 and California Rep. Nancy Pelosi should become Speaker.

Should Pelosi become Speaker, Barney Frank head of a powerful appropriations committee, and the Senate be in the hands of Democrats, Gingrich said the culture wouldn't change but Washington would. (Obviously, that would be the intent of the majority.) As an example, Gingrich says that a bill that the House just passed that would forbid the courts to have a say in taking "under God" out of the Pledge of Allegiance would go nowhere under Speaker Pelosi. Also, her voting record shows that she repeatedly voted for federal funding for abortions for poor women.

Gingrich continues to criticize her "San Francisco liberalism" and the drag it would put on the right-wing agenda, and said she would side with the 9% of Americans (and the courts) who say the "under God" phrase is un-Constitutional. He shows no concern that the House of Representatives is trying the usurp the courts' authority, its necessary role in governmental checks and balances, and indeed seems to approve of their end-run around the courts in the name of preserving the popular cultural demand regardless of its Constitutionality.

O'Reilly posited again that if things were going well in Iraq, Bush would be at 60% approval rating (why not 70? 80? Hell, why not 100% as long as you're making things up?) because "the economy's good, things are rolling along." Gingrich expanded on that theme saying as somebody who used to plan elections he would have thought all the positives would make it easier: gas prices down almost a dollar a gallon (from record, budget-busting highs), the Dow is setting records (which doesn't help any of us now, and many of us ever), and people will have more money in their savings and pension plans. Thank you for playing, but US personal savings have been negative for five quarters and continues to fall, and massive defaults have increased anxiety among workers and the burden on the government to secure them.

Gingrich makes another false assertion, that the majority of Americans do not want to withdraw (from Iraq). A recent poll shows 63% favor withdrawal (37% immediately, 26% gradually), while 30% favor "staying the course," and a solid majority has answered (for over a year now) that the US should set a timetable for withdrawal.

One last lie (and it's a whopper): Gingrich and O'Reilly commiserated on the secular progressive liberal atheist scum wanting to remove all references to religion and God from public life, and Gingrich wraps up (as the music plays) with "It wasn't an argument about theology, it's an argument about fact. And the fact is, the Founding Fathers all believed, this was a country whose rights came from God." O'Reilly agrees that it strengthens us because of the moral code and responsibility if you are a believer. (Unbelievers are apparently, in his mind, immoral and irresponsible.)

Comment: All the while that Republicans are accusing Democrats of not having a plan and running against the Republican record ("Bush-haters"), they do exactly what they accuse Democrats of. This wasn't "what Republicans will do for you if elected," it's "What Democrats will do TO you if elected." Fear, fear, and more fear.