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General Wesley Clark Flattens Culture Warrior O'Reilly

Reported by Deborah - October 24, 2006 -

Bill O'Reilly didn't know what hit him tonight when he pushed General Wesley Clark a bit too far. During a discussion about Iraq, O'Reilly challenged Clark about a donation from "bomb thrower" George Soros and Clark was not amused demonstrating for "culture warrior" O'Reilly the dignified strength of a true warrior. 10/23/04

Bill O'Reilly , obviously puffed up by recent media attention, got his first surprise from Clark when he stated that we need to realize that there will be no democracy in Iraq. Clark told O'Reilly exactly what need to be done to bring the separate factions together through negotiations and conditions.

Clark insisted that we must talk to Iran which sent O'Reilly into his usual dither. "Iran wants to kill every Jew on the planet" complaining that they would lie to us. Clark firmly replied that Iran knows they can lose and we must talk to them adding, " Of course they lie."

Clark's conviction and obvious diplomatic expertise made O'Reilly look like a foolish amateur. O'Reilly came out with a ridiculous comment. " I'm not opposed to chatting."

It was now time for BOR to bring the General down a peg so he tried to intimidate him with an accusation about Soros donating to his organization as if Clark should be ashamed of it. At that moment Wesley Clark towered over O'Reilly like a massive oak tree proudly acknowledging that he accepted money from " a responsible financier" adding that Soros was a guy who had done a lot for this world. O'Reilly, shocked, asked Clark if he had read what he had written about Soros.
Clark acknowledged that he had read the book but said nothing more about it suggesting that he wasn't impressed but was ready to elaborate on his respect for George Soros. O'Reilly was silenced and his over expanded ego flattened.

O'Reilly trying to re establish his authoritarian role invited Clark to return to discuss George Soros because the culture warrior knows all and is always right.