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Fox Guest Solves School Violence Problem: Give Kids Kevlar-Covered Textbooks to Use as Bullet Shields

Reported by Melanie - October 24, 2006 -

A few weeks ago Judy posted about a Fox News guest who suggested that the way to combat school violence was to arm teachers. Fox continued along that vein today (October 24, 2006) when Neil Cavuto hosted a candidate who suggested giving kids thick textbooks, covered in Kevlar, to use to shield themselves when the bullets start flying -- presumably not from the guns belonging to their teachers.

Bill Crozier, a Republican running for the office of State Superintendent of Schools in Oklahoma, was Cavuto's guest. Cavuto introduced Crozier saying it is Crozier's belief that it's "high time for students to protect themselves" and thus he wants, "textbooks used as shields."

A very, very inarticulate Crozier, who Fox identified as a "Former Air Force Security Officer," came on to make his case. As he spoke, Fox went to a split screen, one showing Crozier, live, and the other showing a home video (here it is) of Crozier standing in a field firing bullets into books lying on the ground to test his theory.

Crozier said that "a couple weeks ago" he conducted the "test" and "these books [the size of an average telephone book and roughly three to four inches thick] were able to stop bullets from handguns that we had." The book covers, "helped a little bit, but they did not penetrate." A higher velocity rifle, "it was like an AK-47," did penetrate.

Crozier said that "many of the books already probably would meet a standard whereby the bullets would not penetrate them." He said each student could have a special bullet-book under their desk but, perhaps to save money, he thought it would be "great if they had a special one in their class or perhaps a cover. Some people have called me, having been in the military. A Kevlar cover probably would also help."

Ever concerned that tax dollars might actually be spent (i.e. wasted) on us coddled taxpayers, Cavuto wondered who would pay. Crozier said they "still have, we have lots of money in Oklahoma to spend on the State Textbook Committee. The cover could be used, of course, for any book and I think we've had those covers, paper ones, for years. You may have seen them. You fold them over to protect the cover of the book. This would be something similar to that."

Comment: There you have it. Thanks to Fox News we now know how hard the GOP is working to solve this problem. Imagine the American classroom of the near future if the GOP has its way: Overworked, underpaid, stressed and jumpy teachers pulling guns from their pockets while panicked students dive for Kevlar-covered books to shield their bodies while the bullets fly. It's simple!