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Attacking Ted Kennedy For Fun

Reported by Janie - October 24, 2006 -

Last night (10/23) on "Special Report", Carl Cameron filed a decently balanced report on Barack Obama, and his recent revelation that he's considering a 2008 run for the presidency. Later in the show, Hume hosted an "All Star Panel" discussion on the matter, which again was shockingly fair. However, at the very end of the show - Hume aired, with no purpose, a clip of Ted Kennedy getting Obama's name wrong.

After what is usually the final commercial break at the tail end of the show, Hume came back with, "Finally tonight, it's one thing for TV pundits and magazine journalists to celebrate Barack Obama, but what will happen when the old bulls of the Democratic party start talking him up? As Ted Kennedy showed least year, that could prove a challenge."

Hume cut to a clip of Kennedy:

Q: "What did Senator Obama do that Senator Kerry and other Democrats not do, and do you think the Democrats need to move toward the center to recapture the majority position? And finally, if a Democrat wins the next presidential election, what are the most difficult problems he or she will face in 2008?"

TK: "Why don't we just ask Osama bin Lad… Obama, since he won by such a big amount."

The clip ended there, and the show cut back to the panel, where all four were laughing.

There was absolutely no point to this clip, other than to issue propaganda that once again bashes Kennedy, attempts to associate him with bin Laden, and make the Democrats look foolish.