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Using Obama to Bash Clinton

Reported by Judy - October 23, 2006 -

Fox News has found a new way to beat up on Hillary Clinton -- promoting the candidacy of Barack Obama in the 2008 Democratic presidential primaries.

On the "Live Desk" on Monday (October 23, 2006), Martha MacCallum hammered on the theme of a possible clash between Clinton and Obama, using teasers, a report filed by Fox News "reporter" Carl Cameron, and a discussion by the "A-List."

"Will these two Democratic heavy-hitters be duking it out in a White House run?" MacCallum teased during the show, referring to Clinton and Obama.

Then MacCallum tossed it to Cameron, who jumped on the opportunity to set up Obama as a threat to Clinton. "This is sort of like a 'Move over John McCain, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama has made the scene,'" Cameron said.

Cameron then went on to claim, without being specific, that the "more liberal media" and Democrats are promoting Obama for president in 2008 because they dislike Clinton.

"Wherever, we go Martha, you hear Democratic operatives and Democratic voters saying that they have reservations about Hillary Rodam Clinton and whether or not they could support her for president," Cameron said.

Cameron also informed viewers that Obama probably intends to run because he said he is thinking about it and make a decision after the mid-term elections and "Once a candidate says they’re thinking about it, [that] pretty much put him in the category of he’s running unless something goes wrong.” (Never mind that former Virginia Gov. Mark Warner pulled the plug on his exploratory effort. Cameron says that just doesn't happen.)

MacCallum agreed, apparently based on her extensive experience as anchor of the "Live Desk" for more than a month, and then went to her panel of guests, telling them, "This has to make Hillary nervous."

When Democratic analyst Laura Schwartz turned aside that bait and said it made the party excited to have Obama attracting so much attention, MacCallum again insisted, "I think Hillary must be nervous about this."

So prove it. Don't just keep asserting it. Find an aide of hers who says, "Hillary is nervous about Obama." If you can't find one, shut up about it.

You report. I'll decide.