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Right Wing Guest Says Vote For Democratic Tennessee Congressman Is A Vote For Hillary, Harry Reid and Ted Kennedy

Reported by Donna - October 23, 2006 -

Today on Studio B with Shepard Smith he had a segment on one of Tennesee's congressional races between Bob Corker (R) and Rep. Harold Ford, Jr. (D). Instead of talking about the issues, the Republican guest, Carrie Lukas, from Women's Independent Forum, would only say that a vote for Rep Ford was a vote for Hillary, Harry Reid and Ted Kennedy.

The Democratic guest, Malia Lazu from Progressive Majority, spoke to the issues such as the children's poverty rate in Tennessee being at 20%, and Tennessee needing a candidate to stand up for the working class people.

Smith even brought up a great point. He said that if you go to the GOP or the Democratic website for these candidates you will only see news about one candidate, that being Rep. Harold Ford, Jr. The point being made was that Ford was running on his record and Corker was running a negative campaign against Ford.

Lukas kept repeating that a vote for Ford was a vote for Hillary, Harry Reid and Ted Kennedy, like these were bad words. In fact she repeated them about four times.

Lazu said that Tenneseeans care for strong education, strong healthcare and will want the issues that the Democrats are offering them. She said it's not about partisan politics, it's about who can get the job done in Congress and that the Republican leadership has not gotten the job done for them in Tennessee.

Congress: It was almost as if the Republican guest, Lukas, knew nothing about the candidates, all she kept recycling was that 'look out, you're going to give the Senate over to Senator Clinton, Senator Reid and Senator Kennedy.' (She didn't even have class enough to call her Hillary Clinton, it was just Clinton and she didn't designate any of them as Senator.)

Kudos to Democratic guest, Malia Lazu, who spoke succinctly and was knowledgeable about her candidate, Rep Harold Ford, Jr. She didn't buy into the partisan poltics and stayed on agenda.