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Fox On LIne Toes The Republican Line - Economy Great - War In Iraq - Don't Mention

Reported by Donna - October 23, 2006 -

It was actually ironic that Fox On Line with Bill Hemmer today had a segment that said that the Republicans had to build up the economy in the next 15 days and hope that people focused on this and not the Iraq war. (There was news about Iraq today)

Why ironic? Because that's exactly what Fox did.

For contrast, in the days before the Dow started going up it was never mentioned on Fox On Line. Today there were at least 5 times when it was mentioned. It was very exuberantly mentioned because it had reached a new mid day record.

But when it came time for the half hour news, Iraq was nowhere to be seen. So I guess nothing happened in Iraq today.

Comment: Looks like in these two weeks leading up to the election that Fox On Line is going to toe the Republican line and tell you how well the economy is doing by the dow numbers and stay away from the nasty subject of the war in Iraq. That things aren't going so well for middle class Americans will not be mentioned, either. Wages are still stagnet over the past 6 years and 5 million more people have gone into poverty during this administration, but lets remember, this is Fox - what's good for this administration is what Fox will talk about.