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When FOX News Says “Thank You, America,” It Really Means “Thank You, White, Christian, Republican America”

Reported by Ellen - October 22, 2006 -

Friday night’s Hannity & Colmes (10/20/06) was the second of three special “Thank you, America” shows commemorating FOX News’ 10th anniversary. Just like the last time, I saw not a single black face in the live audience, this time at the Arizona State Fair in Phoenix. I may have spotted a Hispanic woman but I’m not sure. And despite the fact that the polls overwhelmingly show Americans more partial to Democrats than Republicans, the audience seemed to be made up of Republicans, only. They cheered loudly when Newt Gingrich predicted Republicans would retain control of Congress after the election. The guests and subjects for discussion were similarly skewed. The line-up included two Republicans, no Democrats and, besides politics, the only issues discussed were illegal immigration and the importance of God in politics.

Gingrich was the first guest. He touted his new book about God in America. Predictably, Sean Hannity used that as a launching platform to attack Nancy Pelosi, his ubervillain of the week, as a God-hating radical who will try to remove “In God We Trust” from coins if the unthinkable happens and Democrats win control of the House (see video below). Comment: I’m waiting for the day when Hannity ties Pelosi with Louis Farrakhan and Cynthia McKinney, his other ubervillains. Helpful note to FOX News researchers: Maybe you can find some old footage of them marching in the same parade.

The other guests were Republican J.D. Hayworth and the chief of US Border Patrol talking about the perils of illegal immigration - how illegals are threatening not only our homeland security but also the integrity of our voting system. There was no discussion on “real journalism, fair and balanced” FOX News about how many illegals have actually tried to fraudulently cast votes, nor any discussion on the number of people who have been improperly turned away from the polls say in Ohio or Florida.

Helpful note to FOX News researchers: Maybe you can find some footage of Nancy Pelosi marching in a parade with an illegal. Or maybe she once talked to one.

After that was Dennis Miller. I might have started to like Miller when he confronted Hannity on his “incendiary” comments were it not for Miller’s despicable attitude toward Iraqis. First, he lauded our efforts at bringing them democracy. Then he said it was just too bad for them that they had the bad luck of being terrorist-magnets as the result of our war.

The only women on the show were two silent blondes who came on stage to offer a cooked turkey leg to each guest at the end of his segment. I kid you not.

So all this time I have accused Roger Ailes of lying when he says that what distinguishes FOX News is “We like America,” maybe I was wrong. Maybe he’s just in denial about what America is.