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O'Reilly uses editorial platform to fearmonger for Republican votes

Reported by Chrish - October 21, 2006 -

Bill O'Reilly's Talking Points Memo yesterday 10/19/06 wasted no time in putting forth a blatant falsehood - fantasy presented as fact:

"It's all about Iraq. If that campaign was going well, the president's job approval rating would be about 60 percent."

Just where he pulled that number from, let's not speculate.

Moments later he posed a question for which he had no answer - just an unsubstantiated smear:

"But here's an interesting question: Why does Al Qaeda want Bush weakened, why does Iran want Democrats to win in November? Why does North Korea?"

He takes a gratuitous slap at Nancy Pelosi:

"The far left is ridiculous. If Nancy Pelosi becomes speaker of the House, you will have San Francisco values and an undefined — at best — terror strategy. "

He ends on a note of resignation, though:

"But there is no question that change is in the air.

The Republican Party is not winning the hearts and minds of independents, that's for sure. And with three weeks to go before the vote, it would take a dramatic event to change that situation."

His desperate sentiment mirrors FOX regular Fred Barnes, who wrote in The Weekly Standard "Of course there's little time left for a major event to occur. ... So Republicans may have to rely on their two remaining assets: They have more money than the Democrats and a voter turnout operation second to none."

That latter is certainly debatable, but he neglected to mention Republicans' real assets - the voting machines themselves. The anticipated October surprise may well show up late, on November 7.