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President Compares Iraq to Vietnam - Fox Steps All Over Itself To Explain What The President Was Really Saying

Reported by Donna - October 19, 2006 -

Today on Studio B with Shepard Smith they reported that an ABC reporter asked Bush if you could compare Iraq with the Tet Offensive in Vietnam. Bush said "Could be right." Fox went all over the place trying to explain what the president really meant.

It was almost hilarious to hear people trying to explain what the president saying 'could be right' meant when it came to comparing Vietnam with Iraq. Smith said it could be the terrorists trying to exploit and use the media was how Tony Snow tried to explain it.

Bret Baier came on to say the same thing, that it wasn't that the president was really comparing Iraq to Vietnam saying it was not an analogy the president wanted to make, that he wanted to say it was more the terrorists using media, that images affected politics.

On the bottom of the screen a banner ran that said, 'Pres Bush Says Vietnam Comparison "Could Be Right." Baier went on further saying the Tet Offensive killed over 4,000 American soldiers and while violence was way up in Iraq, that it was over 120 soldiers that had been killed in the past two months in Iraq.

Comment: It was funny to watch the way they tripped over each other to try and explain the president's words. Maybe he just meant what he said that it "could be right" that you could compare Vietnam to Iraq.

We report, you decide.