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O'Reilly Uses Emotional Manipulation In Presidential Interview 3

Reported by Deborah - October 19, 2006 -

Bill O'Reilly seemed intent on making a big impression on viewer's emotions during his final interview segment with President Bush. First he used some not too subtle visual tricks and then went for the gut punches in an effort to make Bush seem human, vulnerable and misunderstood. 10/18/06

O'Reilly and Bush strolled down an ornate White House corridor for this interview in matching outfits. Both wore charcoal gray suits and powder blue silk ties, a sign of opulent equality. It seemed strange that the Presidential media people missed this wardrobe coincidence. Also the walking venue was quite curious since O'Reilly towered over Bush forcing him to look up while answering questions.

Now on the most obvious level this ploy put O'Reilly in control and decreased Bush's power. Since it's unlikely that this would be permitted at the White House, it was probably done to make Bush look more vulnerable and human while O'Reilly asked him questions that would illicit emotional reactions from viewers.

O'Reilly tried to play shrink asking Bush how could take the criticism and of course Bush stressed the sincerity of his beliefs. Then O'Reilly let loose with this monumental distortion.
" Secular Progressives don't like you because of your faith." O'Reilly continued to suggest that it was the only reason 'they" didn't like him. Bush responded that he pitied "them". The ambiguous they and them sprinkled the conversation but it was clear that Bush was a good religious christian and the theys and thems were not.

The follow up guests were Larry Sabato and Wendy Schiller. Schiller praised Bush for his strength and resolve and Sabato joined O'Reilly in a sympathetic analysis of the emotional toll on Bush from all the haters.

Sabato, acting as if he lived with Laura and George, claimed that " Laura the Librarian" filters all the criticism for George. She avoids relating the hateful things and just discusses the constructive criticism during their very early morning newspaper reading sessions. Sabato stressed that the Bush marriage was very strong.

Schiller claimed that the attacks on Bush were not personal which sent O'reilly into a rave listing all the horrid attacks endured by the wounded leader. There was no way that he was going to allow Schiller to diminish the agony of Bush.

comment: Gone were the images of waterboarding and dead and wounded soldiers. Viewers saw only Bush the loving and dependant husband who must carry this unbearable load and endure unimaginable criticism from "theys and thems" who don't have faith in God.