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Fox Disses MSNBC

Reported by Donna - October 19, 2006 -

Only one news station regularly disses other news stations. That news station would be Fox. Today on Studio B with Shepard Smith in a story about NBC cutting 700 jobs, Smith couldn't resist getting in the diss to MSNBC.

The move to cut 700 jobs will save NBC over 750 million dollars says NBC. Smith said they had to do something because of the "struggling MSNBC", by which he got in his diss. He also puts down CNN, going as far as to call them "that network we don't name."

Smith also put a call out to qualified news people at MSNBC to come on over to Fox where they are expanding their news station.

Comment: So in a real human story about people losing their jobs, Fox has to go it the petty route. Whatever makes them feel better, maybe they should look at their own stats.