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Ask “fair and balanced” FOX News why they only discussed Democratic scandals on Hannity & Colmes last night

Reported by Ellen - October 19, 2006 -

Last night, 10/18/06, Hannity & Colmes continued to ignore scandals in the news that involve Republicans, such as the latest revelations in the Foley page scandal, the FBI corruption probe of Rep. Curt Weldon or the millions of dollars in bribes received by former Congressman Randy “Duke” Cunningham. Instead, the show highlighted two stories unfavorable to Democrats which Sean Hannity tried to spin into scandals.

Hannity announced at the beginning of the show “Another shocking sex scandal is emerging in Ohio but this one involves a Democrat." “Dem sex scandal” appeared on the screen, just in case the viewers didn’t snap to whom they were supposed to revile. “So why haven’t you heard from this?” Hannity asked. The so-called “shocking sex scandal” didn’t quite live up to its billing. As The Cincinnati Post explained, Republican gubernatorial candidate Ken Blackwell was “resurrecting the case of a former employee convicted of exposing himself to children and also suggesting (Democrat Ted) Strickland supported pedophilia when he declined to support a 1999 House resolution decrying a psychological study concerning adult-child sex.”

Doesn't exactly rise to the level of a Congressman trolling for pages and a possible coverup by the House leadership, but Hannity and conservative talk show host Bill Cunningham tried to make the equation. The fact that a Democrat was involved seemed to make up for any lack of substance. Alan Colmes did a fine job of explaining that Strickland didn’t support the bill for other reasons and accused the Rockwell campaign of desperately trumping up a scandal when they are behind by double digits (59 to 32 points). But a truly fair and balanced show would have had a Democratic spokesperson as a guest, too.

Hannity also trumpeted another non-scandal. “Allegations of racism are being made against a Democratic member of the House leadership,” he said. He was referring to Rep. Steny Hoyer’s comment that African-American Republican Michael Steele “slavishly” supports the GOP. Hoyer has apologized for the remark. Even the conservative National Review predicts that Steele will lose the race.

Ask FOX News why they ignored major Republican scandals and highlighted only minor, Democratic ones.