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Some News On Iraq - On Track For Deadliest Month In Nearly Two Years For American Troops

Reported by Donna - October 18, 2006 -

While there was still more time dedicated to the Dow (it was rarely mentioned when it was down, now it's on all the time) and not being able to carry liquids on planes, Studio B managed to dedicate a short segment to what's going on in Iraq.

Apparently 10 United States troops have been killed today and October is on track for the deadliest month in nearly two years for American troops.

There was an explanation, though. Smith reported that they had stepped up patrols in Baghdad and Mike Emmanuel said that the troops are going into some of the tougher neighborhoods.

Rumsfeld was shown briefly saying that violence would continue in the country for some time but if we do our job well and we are, we ought to be able to reduce our forces in the months ahead as we pass off more responsibility.

Emmanuel said that court martials will be handed down for four soldiers for the rape and murders of a 14 year old girl and the murders of her and her family.

Comment: After avoiding mentioning Iraq, Studio B finally couldn't hold off any longer. But like I said, the Dow and the liquids on a plane had much more air time. And, as usual, Rumsfeld was talking out of both sides of his mouth again, saying that violence will continue but we should be able to bring our troops home in the coming months if we do our job. What have we been doing for the last 3 1/2 years?