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Fox Anchor: If Dems Win Big in November Bush Will "Finally be Able" to Veto Bills & Rein in Spending

Reported by Melanie - October 18, 2006 -

One of the segments on Your World w/Neil Cavuto today (October 18, 2006) asked what the Dow will do if Democrats win big in November. The chyron that ran at the bottom of the screen read, "Will Stocks Surge Even Higher if Dems Sweep?"

After introducing the roundtable panel, Cavuto turned to Fox's David Asman and asked, "Split government, soaring Dow?"

Asman's response was an amazing piece of propaganda designed for consumption by those who are close to being brain dead:

Yeah, we've heard this before. Most of the time I think gridlock is a good thing because it prevents congress from meddling in things they shouldn't meddle in, like trying to lower the gas rates when in fact it lowered by itself without price controls.

The thing is that Bush has not vetoed, as you well know, you've mentioned it a lot, a single spending bill because it comes from a Republican congress. If Democrats get a victory in November but don't get enough to override a veto, they're going to present the President with all these spending packages, because they love to spend money, and he will finally be able to use his veto pen and say X, no, it's not going to pass.

So, finally, we'll get spending under control.


Yeah, but Republicans have been spending a lot too, right?


Yeah, but again, if Democrats present the bill to the President, he could veto it and they wouldn't have enough to override the veto.

Comment: The Fox folks are such a piece of work. Congress doesn't need gridlock in order to do nothing. They did almost nothing this past session. It'll keep them (Democrats) from "meddling in things they shouldn't meddle in?" Does the name Terri Schiavo ring a bell? Are we to believe that Bush hasn't vetoed any bills because -- being such a nice guy and all -- he hasn't wanted to offend or say no to congressional Republicans? And who is it again who loves to spend money?!