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When good impersonators go bad

Reported by Chrish - October 17, 2006 -

Apparently at FOX what determines if a Bush impersonator is any good or not is the content of his act and the company he's keeping. If the act is flattering to Bush, he's good. If it's critical, he's bad. Simple.

FOX personality Steve Doocy writes in a FOXNews.com review of the White House Correspondents' Dinner, which Colbert famously hosted:

"Of course the second president was actually an impersonator by the name of Steve Bridges, who nailed the commander in chief's mannerisms and vocal patterns. The script the real president read was direct and occasionally amusing, but the phony Bush let it rip and said the things you'd imagine the president was actually thinking."

But when Bridges appeared with Barbra Streisand at a concert in Madison Square Garden, FOXNews.com writer Mike Straka had this to say:

"During her show, La Babs employed a bad Bush impersonator to sing a duet with her, all the while lambasting the real administration's policies."

H/T to the Colbert Report for catching this 10/16/06.