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O'Reilly Interview With Bush Part 2 Won't Help Voters Trust Republicans

Reported by Deborah - October 17, 2006 -

Bill O'Reilly's blatant campaigning for Republicans with his three part interview with President Bush may have backfired badly tonight. Bush talked about the Military Commissions Act he signed into law today and refused to talk about how far interrogators can go claiming repeatedly that he wouldn't " talk about technique." O'Reilly tried to sugarcoat Bush' evasive rhetoric in a later segment with Charles Rangel and then let Newt Gingrich do his usual vote for democrats and die routine.10/17/06

O'Reilly set things up nicely for Bush asking him why he thought there was such fierce opposition to the Military Commissions Act adding that some said it was "fascist". Bush laughed brightly at the charge and was ready with his usual speech about keeping Americans safe.

However, his demeanor changed when O'Reilly mentioned waterbording as a possible interrogation technique. Bush quickly countered with his refusal to discuss technique which he repeated 3 times claiming that he didn't want the enemy to have a chance to adjust. A denial of torture was made quickly with assurances that everything done is within the law.

O'Reilly then read Bush a quote from Hillary Clinton protesting the fact that with this law anyone could be picked up off the street and held indefinitely. At this point Bush got defensive claiming he didn't know who she was talking about as if he didn't understand her question. Then he got his digs in saying that all the Democrats who voted against it will have a hard time explaining it later. He tried to soften his blows with the claim that he would never question anyone's patriotism but went on to say that Republicans know how to keep America safe.

Charles Rangel seemed saddened expressing his love for this country and his desire for high standards set by the Geneva Conventions to protect our "youngsters." O'Reilly described waterboarding as " dunking in water" claiming "it could go either way" and was adamant that Bush denied torturing. Rangel, of course, heard the same evasions from Bush that viewers heard, and was not moved by O'Reilly's defense.

Newt Gingrich slithered for a time with empty pontificating and then pounced on Democrats. He stated that people could go along with Democrats like Nancy Pelosi, Howard Dean and Rangel if " they didn't mind risking a city."