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Fox Announces Venezuela/Islamic Jihadist Connection

Reported by Donna - October 17, 2006 -

Today on Studio B with Shepard Smith he had a segment with William La Jeunesse on a new government report that claims there is a connection between Venezuela President Hugo Chavez and Islamic Jihadists.

This was also reported on yesterday on Studio B. First Smith said, "A new government report that the Venezeula President has tipped off potential terrorists and is training them to enter the United States undetected. Now, if that sounds crazy, remember El Diablo."

La Jeunesse reported first about the South American cartels then focused on Venezuela. He reported that aliens were being smuggled out of the middle east to a staging area off Venezuela, Marguerite Island, where it says that President Hugo Chavez is teaching these Arabs to speak Spanish, blend in as Latinos, they then get emigration documents to get them into Mexico, then they head for the border.

He added that in Texas just in the last 4 months that illegals from Afghanistan, China, Iraq, and two from Pakistan with Venezuela documents had been arrested..

He then switched to a video with Michael McCane (R-Texas) congressman:

"Venezuela, in my view and Mr. Chavez, pose some of the greatest risk to this country given his alliance and his friendship with the islamic jihadist world."

Comment: This report was never identified, they just said it was a new government report. They've arrested a total of 5 people, one from each, Afghanistan, China, Iraq and two from Pakistan with Venezuela documents and this constitutes the threat?

They gave no information on how they knew that the President, Hugo Chavez was training these people Spanish and teaching them how to get over the border from Mexico.

The drill sounds so familiar to the one this administration purported against Iraq in the days before we went to war with them. This administration and Fox have to give us a bad guy and it looks like it just can't be Iran and North Korea but has to include Venezuela, too. For all we know this may have been one sentence in the whole report that probably focused on the drug cartels, which Fox also reported on but not as much as they focused on Venezuela.

The focus has to be anywhere but on the war in Iraq that goes more downhill everyday.