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Unhinged Sean Hannity Can’t Deal With The Bad News For Republicans

Reported by Ellen - October 16, 2006 -

Once again, Hannity & Colmes ignored any Republican scandals tonight. There was no discussion about David Kuo’s explosive allegations against the Bush administration’s “faith-based initiatives,” nothing about the FBI investigation of Republican Congressman Curt Weldon, nor any updates on the investigation into a possible cover-up of the Foley page scandal. Instead, the show went after the usual targets and tried to make them seem fresh: an “exposé” of Cindy Sheehan, plus the latest “shockers” from Bill Clinton and Ted Turner. Pot Hannity declared, without any sense of irony, “There he goes again. Former President Clinton sounding a lot like a shrill, out of work policitican. Just three weeks before election day, he’s name-calling, he’s pointing, he’s sounding a bit like Al Gore – unhinged.”

Clinton’s so-called “shrillness” comprised these words: “The entire government of the United States, the Congress, the White House and increasingly the courts for the last six years has been in the total control not of the Republican party but of the most ideological, the most right wing, the most extreme sliver of the Republican Party."

There was no debate or discussion about Clinton’s claims. Hannity seemed to have decided that just his accusations, alone, were persuasive enough. Instead, he moved on to bashing Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid. “Questions were raised (about a land deal Reid failed to disclose),” Hannity said. “For all their finger-pointing and OUTRAGEOUS (his emphasis) rhetoric, Democrats seem to have their own problems.”

So who better to analyze the ethics of politicians than Dick “I love toe-sucking prostitutes” Morris?

Hannity has not only persistently ignored the accusations of money-laundering against Tom DeLay, DeLay received a hero’s welcome and standing ovation the last time he appeared on the show. Nevertheless, Hannity was almost gleeful about Reid. “First of all, let’s start with Harry Reid… (he’s) got a big problem,”

Apparently forgetting Tom DeLay had family members on his payroll, Morris said with outrage, “Do you know that he has four sons who are lobbyists? Paid professional lobbyists whose job is to lobby him? Is that anything other than a backdoor way of raising his pay?”

To his credit, Hannity didn’t dwell on that. Maybe because he knew he's on thin psychological ice. For weeks, Hannity has been asking nearly every pundit on the show for predictions on the election outcome. But suddenly, he can’t take it any more. “Frankly, if I hear one more person make predictions, because they want to seem like the smartest person out there, I’m gonna go nuts and beat my head.” Sounds like he's on his way already.