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Outrageous Quote of the Week - Week of October 9th

Reported by Janie - October 16, 2006 -

Sean Hannity picked up 29% of last week's vote after referring to the Mark Foley scandal as nothing more than "instant messages", while comparing a predatory act to an adult, consentual, LEGAL relationship:

"Clinton had oral sex in the White House and you guys are worried about instant messages." Sean Hannity, Hannity & Colmes, 10/6/06

For this week's selection, head below the jump.

Option A: TERRY KEENAN, FOX News Senior Business Correspondent: "Well, Tom, Nancy Pelosi says maybe we need a woman to clean up this mess."

TOM ADKINS, Remax Realty & commonconservative.com: "Aw, she can clean up my bathroom. I wish I could let her clean up the, the house! Look, Nancy - Nancy Pelosi is a COMMUNIST (his emphasis). She wants to raise taxes. She came out and said it yesterday. And, look. Every campaign is a battle between the Democrats' ability to lie, cheat and steal versus Republicans' ability to tell the truth. Republicans stink at gettin' the truth out." - Cashin' In, 10/7/06

Option B: The Mark Foley scandal is nothing but "partisan nonsense." - Bill O'Reilly, "The O'Reilly Factor", 10/9/06

Option C: "Meanwhile, poll after poll is showing that Democrats are hanging on to a solid lead just four weeks from the mid-term elections. Nearly 79% of folks surveyed in a Fox Business News dot com poll think that stocks will go down if Democrats take the house and/or senate." - Neil Cavuto, "Your World", 10/10/06

Option D: "...he [Ted Turner] would be the first one put up against a wall and shot" by the Islamic Fascists offering also that " money can't buy brains." - Laura Ingraham, "The O'Reilly Factor", 10/10/06

Option E: "You don’t check your citizenship in at the door when you become a journalist” - Juliet Huddy - "Live Desk", 10/11/06

Option F: "Part of the (Clinton) framework was, (North Korea) didn’t have to allow weapons inspectors in for five years.” - Ann Coulter outright lying about the "Agreed Framework", "Hannity & Colmes", 10/10/06

Option G: "When I was a reporter I wanted to be the best reporter and I think I was...I was never in it for money or power. I was in it for the work. Doing good work." - Bill O'Reilly, originially of "Inside Edition" on "Your World", 10/12/06

Option H: "The choice (of Kennedy and liberals) does require us to go into the Middle East.” - Ken Chase blaming Democrats and liberals for the Iraq war, "Hannity & Colmes", 10/12/06

Option I: They [terrorists] would prefer Democrats over Republicans because "the Democrats are the allies of the Islamists and those who wish our destruction." - Brigitte Gabriel, "Your World", 10/13/06