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No News On Iraq, But A Threat From North Korea

Reported by Donna - October 16, 2006 -

Today on Studio B with Shepard Smith there was a combination of various little stories with no focus on poltics. The Houston tornados and the earthquake in Hawii were major stories. There was even time to talk with Greta about an upcoming interview with John Mark Karr, the man who didn't kill Jonbenet. There was no time for news about Iraq, however, there was time for a threat from North Korea.

Under the banner of North Korea Menace, it was reported that North Korea continues to issue threats and promises victory over the United States.

Comment: I haven't heard this reported elsewhere,though I'm sure Fox wouldn't report it unless it was true. However, when did we go to war with North Korea? Or is the victory referring to something else?

Seems to me we have a very horrific war going on with Iraq right now that deserves some attention. Why doesn't Fox want to talk about Iraq anymore?