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Fox Guest Says Foley Sex Scandal Won't Affect Elections Anymore Than A Financial Scandal

Reported by Donna - October 16, 2006 -

Today on Fox On Line with Bill Hemmer, he had Republican strategist, Karen Hanratty on to talk about Harry Reid and an investigation into his finances. She said that she didn't think the Reid scandal was going to affect the election anymore than the Foley scandal had.

Comment: If she doesn't think that the Foley scandal will not affect the elections this woman is living in la-la land. As far as how a possible financial scandal will affect an election, we don't know, this information is under investigation.

As for the Foley scandal, we've already seen by the dipping polls how this is affecting this election already. Comparisons are nil. You can't make a comparison between a possible financial scandal and an already outed Republican sexual scandal.