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Poor Bill O'Reilly Just Wants To Go On Oprah's Show

Reported by Deborah - October 16, 2006 -

Bill O'Reilly is very insulted that Oprah Winfrey won't let him plug his book on her show so tonight he did a segment about how Oprah's " leaning left". Claiming that her liberal guests far out number conservative ones, he just couldn't understand why he, author of four bestsellers, had not been invited to appear. Of course, he insisted " it's not about me" and it's not " sour grapes." Kirsten Powers and Michelle Malkin were on hand and dropped a little bombshell of their own.10/16/06

O'Reilly was especially annoyed that Frank Rich had been on Oprah for a full hour. Showing
a picture of Rich, he asked who would want to spend an hour looking at this face. He told Malkin about Rich, " He hates me, he hates you, he hates anyone who doesn't agree with him." ( Does that sound like anybody else we know?) Malkin commented that the hour was spent talking about truth but neither mentioned Rich's book, The Greatest Story Ever Sold. O'Reilly offered that Pat Buchanan has a new book out but Oprah won't have him on either.

When he asked Kirsten Powers for her opinion she answered, " It's the free market, Baby." Then she revealed that Malkin, possessing entrepenurial skills, has decided to start her own version of The View and she was going to be part of it. Malkin stated that there were a lot of women who didn't want Frank Rich shoved down their throats at 3 in the afternoon and she was going to provide an online alternative.

Bill wanted to get back to his favorite topic, himself, and started whining again that 90% of the talk shows are hosted by liberals. "There's got to be some balance." Powers agreed , " To me that would be more interesting." At the end of the segment Malkin coyly asked O'Reilly to say hello for her when he appears on The View. She appeared to think they would be concerned about her competing show.

comment: O'Reilly didn't succeed in making Oprah look bad but he sure came off petty and needy. He doesn't seem to understand that he can't continue to attack people viciously whenever the mood strikes and expect to be warmly welcomed everywhere. Chances are that O'Reilly has bad mouthed Oprah or someone close to her in the past but he's so wrapped up with himself that he refuses to accept how deeply he's offended just about everyone.

Tonight he suggested that Oprah was being dishonest with her viewers about her politics. "Wouldn't it be better if she looked everyone in the eye..?" I'm sure the hypocrisy of that comment was lost on Bill but maybe Oprah will have him on her show, look him in the eye and tell him what she thinks of his behavior.