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President Bill O'Reilly? Hide Your Loofahs and Keep an Eye on Your Little Sister!

Reported by Melanie - October 13, 2006 -

Bill O'Reilly was on Your World w/Neil Cavuto yesterday (October 12, 2006) to sell his book, but don't tell. Per Cavuto's introduction and the chyron that ran at the bottom of the screen, he was on to talk about, "How Will the Country Change if Dems Control Congress?"

O'Reilly didn't say how the country would change but he did spend a lot of time bashing George Soros. And he ranted about Iraq: We've "gotta win the damn thing;" "It's a mess." And he patted himself on the back: "When I was a reporter I wanted to be the best reporter and I think I was...I was never in it for money or power. I was in it for the work. Doing good work." "I was tough on Rumsfeld when I interviewed him."

Proving how far off the stated topic the interview was, Cavuto ended by asking O'Reilly about his political aspirations:

Alright. Real quick. I've always joked with you about this but I say it semi-seriously. Do you ever want to run for office?


No. I can't. I can't do the asking-for-money routine and the compromises. You could...


I don't...


You could do that, you know.


You're the last person I'd have to ask for money, but in other words, you're not ruling anything out?


I'm not ruling anything out but it would have to be an enormous draft and you would have to come to my house and beg me.

Comment: He can't run because of the "asking-for-money routine" and the "compromises"? Come on Big Bad Bill, tell the truth tough guy. You can't run because of two words: Andrea Mackris.