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Hannity & Colmes’ Republican Guest Blames Ted Kennedy And Democrats For Iraq War

Reported by Ellen - October 13, 2006 -

In the latest novel twist on defending the Iraq war, Hannity & Colmes’ guest last night (10/12/06), Republican Ken Chase, blamed Ted Kennedy and Democrats for making us dependent on Middle East oil and “requiring” us to go into an otherwise “avoidable” war in Iraq.

Ken Chase is challenging Kennedy for his Senate seat in Massachusetts. Alan Colmes noted at the beginning of the discussion that Senator Kennedy had declined the show’s invitation to appear in the segment. Nevertheless, Colmes did a good job of arguing on Kennedy’s behalf. Comment: Colmes is often put in the position of standing in for Democrats who decline to appear. In my view, he doesn’t get enough credit for it and Democrats don’t get enough pressure to find some cojones and face the enemy.

Colmes quoted a statement Chase made during a debate with Kennedy, “We should walk away from the Middle East, you said, only when we’re energy independent.” Colmes asked, “Are you saying we went into Iraq for the purpose of oil and that’s why we’re in the Middle East?”

Chase insisted that’s not what he meant, but the rest of the segment seemed to belie his claim. “Of course we did not go into Iraq to seize their petroleum. We’ve always paid (my emphasis) for every drop of oil we’ve ever extracted from the Middle East.”

Colmes also said, “It’s amazing that you have a Republican leadership, Dick Cheney meets in PRIVATE (Colmes’ emphasis) with oil energy executives – they help WRITE legislation – and you blame Ted Kennedy for his being married to oil interests when this administration has behaved the way it has?” Colmes later asked what the administration has “ever done” to reduce dependence on foreign oil.

Chase didn’t answer that, other than to say he’s not running against the administration but against Kennedy “and that’s fair game.”

Sean Hannity, when it was his turn, blamed liberals for not wanting to drill in ANWR.

Chase said that was exactly his point. “The choice (of Kennedy and liberals) does require us to go into the Middle East.

During the interview, one of the screen banners said, “Chase: Iraq war avoidable if Kennedy acted on oil.”

Even Hannity seemed to find that theory far-fetched because he turned away from it and started trying to bully Chase into making Chappaquiddick an issue, instead. “Any elected official, anybody that ever won an elected office, if they were driving late at night and they went into a body of water and they saved themselves and the person they were with were still in the car and they didn’t report it that night and they went home (Hannity “forgot” to mention that Kennedy has long since apologized for that event), how does such a person get re-elected and should that still be an issue?”

Chase was clearly uncomfortable going there. “I haven’t made it an issue… I’m here to talk about the devastating effects that Ted Kennedy’s immigration policy…”

Hannity cut him off. “Sounds like you’re afraid to, why would you be afraid to challenge him on that?”

Uh, maybe because it’s a decades-old scandal that Massachusetts voters long ago put behind them? Nevertheless, Hannity didn’t give up and continued (fruitlessly) browbeating Chase until the segment ended.

“It’s fascinating to hear we’re in the Middle East until the oil situation is solved,” Colmes remarked at the end.

You can watch the Chase interview on FOXNews.com, in a segment called "Taking on Ted."