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Fox: Iraqi Insurgents are Trying to Influence Our Mid-Term Elections (in Favor of Democrats, of Course)

Reported by Melanie - October 13, 2006 -

The second segment today (October 13, 2006) on Fox's "business news" show, Your World, after a live report from Iraq, was about how the insurgents there are trying to influence our mid-term elections. Cavuto's two guests were Michael Evans, who Fox identified as a "Middle East Analyst" and the author of Showdown with Nuclear Iran (he also writes for WorldNetDaily), and Brigitte Gabriel, the author of Because they Hate and the president of the "American Congress for Truth."

Having these two guests on simultaneously seemed a bit redundant because they fell all over themselves agreeing with each other; guess it's a power in numbers kind of thing. Anyway, their premise was that the insurgents, funded by Iran, are stepping up attacks in Iraq so Americans will side with the Democrats, all of whom are chomping at the bit to withdraw, that the Democrats will hopefully then win in November, the U.S. will pull out, and Iran will take over.

Sound a wee bit simplistic? I thought so too, to say the least, but here's the gist of what they said:

Gabriel: This is all part of a calculated political gamble. "They are planning this. They know exactly the reaction that it's going to have in the United States. They're playing us against each other."

Evans: "The left is fighting the commander in chief and the terrorists are loving it." "Iran is the command and control center for the Iraq war but the left doesn't want to say that...because if they acknowledge Iran's fighting us, they're going to have to acknowledge it's really a war on terror."

Gabriel: They would prefer Democrats over Republicans because "the Democrats are the allies of the Islamists and those who wish our destruction." Iran is "directing what is happening in Iraq." "It is Hezbollah who is developing the IED, the roadside bombs that are used against our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. Iran has a goal, to drive America out of Iraq, to take over Iraq, to control Iraq, then Afghanistan will become a pushover, then they'll be all the way to India. We will end up with an Iranian Islamic [inaudible] all the way from India to the Mediterranean."

Evans: Terrorists love us to be divided. "They're trying to divide us because they know it works...and they're trying to weaken the President and weaken his ability to lead as commander in chief."

Comment: Excuse me while I take my freakin' head off! It's Friday afternoon and the thought of deconstructing this line of BS is too much. I'm heading to the deck with a rum and coke, so talk amongst yourselves. Have a good weekend everyone.