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O'Reilly Warns Voters About Nancy Pelosi and Her "San Francisco Values"

Reported by Deborah - October 12, 2006 -

Bill O'Reilly was ready to acknowledge the Democratic lead in the polls and the probability that there would be a Congressional power shift in November.Naturally, when he discovered that 43% in a recent poll did not know Nancy Pelosi, he felt it was his duty to warn his innocent traditionalists about this " secular progressive" woman with San Francisco values. Dick Morris followed with his own dire warnings about a Democratic victory. 10/12/06

There was that good old Fox clip of a gay pride parade running that we've seen so many times used to represent San Francisco. In O'Reilly's San Francisco fabrication there seems to be no families, little league, girl scout cookies or PTA. Traditions of any kind are scorned. Gay people probably never go to work, or shampoo their carpets or take their kids to the orthodontist because they are too busy cross dressing and gyrating in the streets 24/7. O'Reilly wanted his viewers to know that's what Nancy Pelosi represents in her district. He even mentioned that there's a " pot shop" there probably referring to a medical marijuana dispensary where chemo patients can get pot with a perscription.

Now in the interest of his fair and balanced credo , he did mention that he didn't know if Pelosi went along with that stuff but it was in her district. When Dick Morris arrived, he asked if he framed the piece fairly and of course Morris said it was perfect.

Dick Morris started off with a non partisan tone claiming that Denny Hastert represents everything voters hate about Republicans When he mentioned the sweetheart job Hastert got for his son and the road he got funded that enhanced his own property, O'Reilly shrugged it off as no biggy. Morris quickly added that it would get worse under Pelosi.

Then Morris the master of spin revealed the misfortunes ahead if Democrats win. He feared that Democrats would weaken the President's ability to handle Iran and N Korea with all their investigations. O'Reilly defined it as " harrassing" Bush. Morris, in an earnestly sincere tone, said he saw first hand how the impeachment proceedings weakened poor Clinton preventing him from killing Bin Laden. They both agreed that it's essential that the world percieve Bush as a strong leader.

Comment:So remember to vote Republican on November 7th because you wouldn't want Nancy Pelosi in charge. This Secular Progressive knows nothing about the values of Traditionalists. She dared to stay married to one man, raise 5 kids and even waited until they started school before she pursued a career. How shocking! Here's an example of some of her nasty S-P behavior speaking to some concerned families who want peace and a decent education for their kids.