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MacCallum's Show Misnamed

Reported by Judy - October 12, 2006 -

Once again, Martha MacCallum perpetrated a fraud on viewers of her "Live Desk" show on Fox News.

On Wednesday (Oct. 11, 2006), MacCallum told her viewers at the start of her show: "We start our show, right here in Control Room 4. We’re not on a set. This is where it’s really happening. This is really raw, totally unfiltered. You will see it as we see it.”

Except that none of that is true.

MacCallum followed up her opening statement with canned video from North Korea of Kim Jon Il and a missile parade, canned video of Al Qaeda members and Osama bin Laden, and two replays of portions of John McCain's apperance on "Hannity and Colmes" from the night before.

Then there was video of President Clinton and Senator Clinton, video of Hugo Chavez's appearance before the United Nations, and video of Ann Coulter.

Even when she got to the "A List," MacCallum relied on re-runs, recycling a story she focused on the day before -- a village in Alaska that turned down Hugo Chavez's offer of free oil. Despite focusing on the story two days in a row, MacCallum has yet to even mention the name of the village that turned down the oil. (Note to Martha: One of the five W's is "where.")

Isn't this the "rerun desk" and not the "live desk"?