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Fox Pushes More Fear Mongoring On North Korea

Reported by Donna - October 12, 2006 -

Today on Studio B with Shepard Smith they had an in house commercial for an upcoming special on Fox. They're going to have a special on North Korea and they make everyone aware of it by starting the fear mongoring. The special effects, along with a mushroom cloud were typical Fox fear mongoring.

It started out with a huge picture of Kim Jong Il and the words that the 'Threat Is Here Now' while a booming announcers voice says "The threat is here. It's now and it's very real." Then they switch to a video of President Bush saying, "Earlier this week the government of North Korea proclaimed to the world that it had conducted a successful nuclear test."

Then the booming voice of the announcer comes back on, "Now, only one question remains. Will America and the world be dragged to the edge of nuclear war?" This, admist a picture of a mushroom cloud, of course. The announcer continues, "Now, Shepard Smith takes you inside the crisis." (picture of Smith then another picture of Kim Jong Il with the words 'Failed Diplomacy' underneath) (Comment: Can you imagine?)

The announcer continues, "From years of failed diplomacy to a potential military response and an inside look at Kim Jong Il, we expose North Korea, a threat to the world, hosted by Shepard Smith." And behind them are the words, 'North Korea, A Threat To The World.'

Comment: Can you believe all the fear mongoring? At this point we're not even sure that a nuclear bomb testing took place, we have no confirmation of this. And their "after years of diplomacy?" What diplomacy? Certainly none by the Bush Administration. With the shot of the mushroom cloud I'm sure we can expect this to be a nice piece of propoganda for the Bush Administration, who would love to have the focus off of the war in Iraq or the Foley Sex Scandal. The threat of the war in Iraq is very real. The threat on children from Rep. Foley is very real. But Fox can keep up the fear mongoring on North Korea with it's pictures of mushroom clouds and asking if the world will be dragged to the edge of nuclear war.

Oh, yes, by the way, the president still can't pronounce the word nuclear.