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Foley Sex Scandal on Fox - Takes A Different Direction

Reported by Donna - October 12, 2006 -

Today on Fox On Line with Bill Hemmer they spoke briefly about the Foley Sex Scandal but not in terms of it being a scandal. The only mention they had was that the President was going to Chicago and St. Louis to stand up for Dennis Hastert.

The president said that the Foley issue bothers a lot of people, including him, but but we needed to look at how best to protect the country from attack and focus on how to keep the economy going.

Comment: Instead of addressing the actual Foley sex scandal Fox looked at it in terms of the president protecting Dennis Hastert. And it was very telling that the president really didn't want to talk about it - he wanted to focus on how to protect the country and to keep the economy going. Another case of divert and deflect - something the Republicans do very well. The focus should be on what Foley did and the damage that was done to the children he seduced.