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Democrats and Media to Blame for Foley Scandal?

Reported by Janie - October 12, 2006 -

Last night (10/11) on "Special Report", host Brit Hume used the lead segment of his "Two Minutes of Hate" (AKA "Grapevine") to claim "Democratic Operatives" were responsible for providing information on Mark Foley to the media, and accused the media of holding onto the information for months, but neglected to mention that Fox News was one of the outlets that received the e-mails back in 2005.

Hume whined, "The Washington Post acknowledged today that one of its sources for sexually charged computer messages from former Florida Congressman Mark Foley was a former page who supports the Democratic party. The Post writes that its source — and the former page who talked to ABC News — might not have come forward had democratic operatives not divulged less sordid e-mails upon which the original stories were based."

Comment: What exactly is Hume's point? Is he attempting to insinuate that Democrats are responsible for providing the information to the public? Like that's a bad thing?

It seems as though Hume is trying to make it appear as though Democrats did something wrong when (and if) they alerted the media to this story. In fact, what Hume explains above sounds like a great act, since the Republican party was so desperate to hide Foley's actions.

Hume continued, "The Post also reports Democratic sources spent months circulating those less explicit messages from Foley before they became public almost two weeks ago.

Also today a reporter for Harper's magazine — a left-learning publication — said a Democratic operative provided him with some of Foley's e-mails back in May. Both publications say many news organizations declined to go public with the Foley e-mails for months — until ABC News did so on its Web site, which triggered the release of the explicit computer messages that caused Foley to resign in disgrace."

Comment: What Hume neglects to mention while on his high horse, is that Fox News was also provided with the e-mails in 2005.

Hume is trying, desperately, to take the heat off of the Republican party in regards to the Foley scandal. In his desperation, Hume is trying to pin the blame on Democrats for 1) providing the information to reporters (insinuating this is a political ploy, and diverting the attention from the pages that were hurt) and 2) Not running with the story quickly enough, despite having been provided with the information themselves earlier than most of the "left-leaning" outlets, as he refers to them.