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Another C-List, Clinton-Blaming, North Korea “Expert” On Hannity & Colmes: Ann Coulter

Reported by Ellen - October 12, 2006 -

FOX News keeps insisting that we’re facing a crisis in North Korea. Tuesday night, 10/10/06, contributor Newt Gingrich said that the situation was so dangerous, it could result in “losing Seattle” or more American cities. Nevertheless, Hannity & Colmes has presented a remarkably low level of foreign policy and national security “experts” to discuss the situation. Maybe that’s because the “blame Clinton” mindset seems to be more important than credentials. Last night’s (10/11/06) Clinton-blaming, national security “expert” was Ann Coulter.

With one notable exception, the Hannity & Colmes lineup on this issue has included all conservatives, all but one of whom has blamed Clinton as the salient aspect of his or her analysis. Monday night, 10/09/06, the national security “experts” were Oliver North and Dick Morris (the only conservative who didn’t blame Clinton.) The next night featured real experts – but they were both Clinton-blamers – John McCain and Newt Gingrich. Last night, Governor Bill Richardson, ambassador to the United Nations during the Clinton administration and negotiator with North Korea, defended the Clinton years on the show but he was followed by “expert” Ann Coulter.

Despite the supposedly serious nature of the situation with North Korea, that subject was delayed until the second half of the show. The first half was devoted to the plane crash that hit a condominium skyscraper in New York City. Still, North Korea did not have the rest of the show to itself. It shared the time with a GOP commercial deemed too “over the top” for television by the RNC (gleefully played in its entirety) and a recitation of election tips from the Colbert Report.

Richardson is a marvelous FOX News guest (why other Democrats can’t do as well as he, I’ll never know) but the fact of the matter is, the discussion remained about Clinton and there has yet to be a guest critical of Bush. Richardson made the sensible claim, “We shouldn’t get into this blame game. We should fix the problem.” He pointed out that Bush has been in office for six years “and what we should do is work together and proceed with bi-lateral negotiations with North Korea.”

Sean Hannity repeated his call to “re-arm the Japanese” who “have to develop their own nuclear deterrent,” which ignores the fact that Japanese have just said they don’t want to go nuclear, even in the face of this crisis. Or does he think we should make them?

You can watch the Richardson segment on the Hannity & Colmes website, where it appears with the “Cavuto mark,” “Is Clinton to blame for the North Korea nuke crisis?”

Coulter ran through her litany of hate, speaking more rapidly than usual, but with her standard New England snob accent, her girlish smiles for Alan Colmes and her nervous eyes darting around the room like a rabbit’s. She also brought along her trademark inability to tell the truth. Coulter falsely claimed “Part of the (Clinton) framework was, (North Korea) didn’t have to allow weapons inspectors in for five years.” As Media Matters reports, "In fact, during the eight years the Agreed Framework was in place, IAEA inspectors remained in the country." In other words, Coulter's claim was about as accurate as the phony address she used on her voter registration (and for which she is under investigation for the potential felony of voter fraud in Florida).

“I think if you’re a Democrat, you ought to just shut up,” Coulter said, with her particular brand of insight. “The way to avoid war is to surrender,” Chickenhawk Coulter told an agreeable Chickenhawk Hannity. “And that has been the consistent policy for 50 years of the Democratic Party. It’s not the recommendation I’d have.”

Hannity, always so quick to condemn the Democrats’ partisanship had no complaint about Coulter’s. In fact, he started in with his own distorted mistruths about Democrats, that Charles Rangel wants to raise taxes, Murtha wants to cut and run, etc.

Well, at least Coulter managed to be coherent and not cut and run in the face of tough questions, as she has in some of her past Hannity & Colmes appearances.