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MacCallum's 'Live Desk' Not So Live

Reported by Judy - October 11, 2006 -

Martha MacCallum always starts off her "Live Desk" show with a little speech about how she's not on a set but in a Fox News control room, but the rest of her show doesn't live up to her unfiltered promise.

The "Live Desk" for Tuesday (October 10, 2006) is a case in point. MacCallum opened the show with her standard line: "We start our show, right here in Control Room 4. We’re not on a set. This is where it’s really happening. This is really raw, totally unfiltered. You will see it as we see it.”

Then MacCallum launched into a series of stories, but instead of showing "really raw, totally unfiltered" footage, Fox News ran old video to go with them: the Columbia University student protest of the Minute Man appearance, the front door of the Amish schoolhouse in Nickel Mines, Pennsylvania, and aerial shots of law enforcement officers milling around it the school from a week ago.

Old footage is not "really raw" nor "totally unfiltered." It is not just now coming in to the control room. It has been dug out of electronic storage by somebody.

MacCallum's hype is less than honest. Plenty of packaging and processing go into the show that comes out of Control Room 4. Fox News is just pretending otherwise.