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MacCallum-Huddy Tag Team Turn 'A-List' to "R-List"

Reported by Judy - October 11, 2006 -

Martha MacCallum needs to get a new booker for the "A-List" segment of her "Live Desk" show. The current booker cannot find anyone to appear on the show except other Fox News employees. The result is a panel that is more of "R-List" (for Republican) than "A-List."

MacCallum's "A-List" wild card personality for Tuesday (Oct. 10, 2006) was Juliet Huddy, who failed as a co-host of Fox News' "Dayside" until it was replaced by MacCallum's new show last month. Huddy followed other Fox News employees as wild cards, including Neil Cavuto and Geraldo Rivera.

The presence of two Fox News employees meant that MacCallum abandoned any pretext of balance for the segment since they joined Rich Lowry of the National Review and two other journalists who did not express political views, Steve Adubato, host of a New Jersey television show, "One on One," and Dawn Yanek of "Life and Style" magazine.

The result was a show where Republican views went unrebutted. Lowry used discussion of a decision by an Alaskan village to reject free oil from Venezuela as an opportunity to urge drilling in the Alaska National Wildlife Refuge. That came after he said Alaska had been "over-romanticized," that much of the state was desolate territory rather than beautiful, and that tribal villages in Alaska are socialist enclaves and that's why they're poor.

A segment on CNN founder Ted Turner's speech at the National Press Club drew some discussion, particularly a clip in which Turner said he disagreed with the Bush administration's labeling its critics as unpatriotic. "Just because you disagree with me doesn't mean you're not a patriot as far as I'm concerned," Turner was shown saying.

Lowry jumped on Turner, saying, "His politics are just loathsome” and “He captures a lot of the attitude in the rest of the mainstream media.”

Like a good little (demoted) Fox News employee Huddy insisted, "You don’t check your citizenship in at the door when you become a journalist” and referring to "my country" and "my troops." And MacCallum said that, "in terms of the basic war on terrorist, you are either with us or against us." Apparently, there is no room for discussion of the best tactics in that war.

Only Adubato was heard to disagree when he said the administration drew a line in the sand
and that people who disagree with Bush, "They are still with us. They are still with Americans.”

MacCallum also asked the "R-List" to discuss Katie Couric's ratings since taking over the CBS Evening News and asked whether the evening news is "a thing of the past." Huddy, like the good little cable news employee she is, agreed that it was.

Then MacCallum talked, and Lowry, but MacCallum cut off the segment before Adubato, the only non-Fox television personality, had a chance to comment on the issue. Why didn't she let the TV guy talk about TV instead of Lowry? Oh, yeah, I forgot. That wouldn't have been fair and balanced.