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FOX News Airs Disgraceful Ad Rejected by GOP. Wanna Bet We See It Over and Over and Over Again?

Reported by Marie Therese - October 11, 2006 -

About an hour ago the trio of hosts on FOX & Friends First ran an ad deemed too "over the top" (i.e. slanderous, insulting and untrue) to be aired by the GOP. Produced by Hollywood's David Zucker (Airplane, Naked Gun), for whom I have now lost all respect, the ad depicts a Madeleine Albright lookalike playing football with Kim Jong Il, then cavorting with Osama bin Laden. In what has become a standard tactic on FOX News, "controversial" political ads - the majority of which are produced by Republicans - are given free air time on all of their shows for at least two days, which is, in essence, a way for FOX to give a freebie to the GOP.

This morning they did it again.

A Hollywood bigwig, famous for comedy, creates an ad that is deliberately controversial. (It is open to speculation whether or not the director initated this project on his own or was coaxed into it by a political operative.)

The ad is then "rejected" by the GOP leadership, allowing them to take the high ground and say "Oh, we felt that ad was just not up to our standards". In the meantime, behind the scenes FOX News management coincidentally decides that this is an important story that must be discussed on every single FOX News program for days on end, guaranteeing that it is seen far and wide under the guise of "news". The de facto result is an instant smear campaign, courtesy of FOX News.

If you think this practice of stealth advertising is reprehensible and you would like to do something about it, email FOX News using the links below and, in addition, contact one or all of the Federal Election Commissioners to register a complaint about this thinly disguised attempt to circumvent the regulations governing political advertising.