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Bill O'Reilly's Dream- Ms Magazine and Celebrity Abortions

Reported by Deborah - October 11, 2006 -

Eleanor Smeal appeared with O'Reilly, 10/10/06 to talk about a recent article in Ms Magazine featuring celebrities talking about their personal abortion experiences. There's no doubt that this opportunity to do battle with hollywood elite feminists openly discussing their "unfettered" abortions was a dream come true for the T Warrior.

O'Reilly was all ready for battle asking Smeal an outlandish question. After mentioning a CNN poll citing 45% are against abortions except when a woman's life is in danger he asked, " Are they bad people?"

Then he dragged out the old nonsense about knowing a woman who has abortions for convenience claiming that she uses abortions as a form of birth control. How many times have we heard that one? It's not surprising that self righteous men like O'Reilly who have no idea how painful, emotionally and physically, abortions can be like to use that line.

Smeal brought up some good points reminding him that 11 12, 13 year old girls shouldn't be forced to go through a pregnancy and birth. O'Reilly briefly agreed that their are some valid reasons for abortions but quickly got back on message with his next factoid.

"Less than 10% of doctors will perform abortions. 90% do not want to destroy a human life,"
Smeal reminded him that most of the 90% won't perform abortions because only ob/gyns are qualified.

Of course, there were shots shown of the celebrity women who shared their abortion experiences and he mentioned their names twice . Of course, he totally missed the point of the Ms article that choosing to have an abortion is a difficult and complex decision. Nobody likes it and everyone has their own personal life experiences leading to the final choice.

Does being a traditionalist mean that you close your mind and take an oath to stop evolving as a human being? Does being a traditionalist mean that you reject concepts like tolerance and understanding?

Please sign the petition at Ms Magazine