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Ted Turner Gives His Opinion of FOX News

Reported by Marie Therese - October 10, 2006 -

This morning on FOX & Friends First they aired a clip of CNN founder Ted Turner's opinion of FOX News, delivered at a National Press Club luncheon on October 9th.

The F&FF hosts Tiki Barber, Brian Kilmeade and Kiran Chetry then proceeded to take the usual pot shots at Turner, something we've all come to expect from FOX News. However, the real gossip of the day was "Is Ted Turner dating Catherine Crier?"

BRIAN KILMEADE: "How does he get Catherine Crier?"

KIRAN CHETRY: "Is he dating Catherine Crier? He brought Catherine - I mean, apparently they that said he squired her to this thing and he had his hands on her back and, uh, introduced her to everybody. Catherine Crier and Ted Turner. Are they dating?"

BRIAN KILMEADE: "I think Catherine Crier is so much smarter than that."

TIKI BARBER: "They both have the prerogative to do what they want."

"Catherine Crier, 43, [is] unarguably the most glamorous Republican judge ever elected in Texas, a Michelle Pfeiffer with political and journalistic savvy; she served five years presiding over the 162nd District Court in Dallas before jumping into journalism at CNN, and then to ABC where she was a correspondent on World News Tonight and a regular substitute anchor for Peter Jennings and Ted Koppel." (Source: Columbia Journalism Review)

Crier left ABC to host a live nightly show for FOX News,The Crier Report. She abandoned FOX for Court TV and last year wrote a book critical of the right wing entitled Contempt: How the Right Is Wronging American Justice, which many on the right felt was a betrayal. If she is, in fact, dating Ted Turner, that will merely cement her image as a traitor to the conservative cause.